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Welcome to SCURL

The Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries

SCURL is a membership body, supporting service development at university and research libraries across Scotland. SCURL has been working collaboratively to drive innovation across the library sector for over 30 years.

SCURL developed and manages SHEDL, the Scottish Higher Education Digital Library, which delivers a shared digital library offer across Scottish institutions.

The Collections and Metadata Group

One of the strands of the SCURL Strategic Plan 2017-2019 focusses on collaborative collection management. Two working groups were convened to support and develop recommendations for the SCURL members to adopt. In January 2019 the groups merged to the SCURL Collections and Metadata Group, Chaired by John MacColl, with Vice Chair Lorna Mitchell.

The former CCM Group prepared The Last Scottish Copy Policy with a set of guidelines and procedures as a mechanism to manage the national disposal of duplicated print content.

In August 2017 the former CCM Group also prepared Recommendations for Offering and Transferring General Material i.e.Non-Special Collections.

The former Metadata Group surveyed the SCURL members to rate the quality of bibliographic records supplied by external providers.




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Scottish Higher Education Digital Library

SHEDL aims through collaboration and combined purchasing power to achieve a shared digital library in Scotland with easier access to online content to support research and learning and teaching.