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SCURL Business Committee

The SCURL Business Committee meets 3 times per year and is chaired by the Chair of SCURL, Alison Stevenson (2016-2018).  Members are elected from across 8 constituencies representing all SCURL member institutions.  The Business Committee progresses the strategic objectives of SCURL and prepares the agenda for Plenary meetings.  Members of the committee lead and take ownership of the SCURL Strategic Plan.  A list of Business Committee members can be found here.  SCURLBCConstituencies20162018


SCURL Strategy 2017-2019


SCURL Business Committee Meeting Dates 2016-2017.

3rd October 2016.  Fairlie Room, University of Dundee Library & Learning Centre.

18th January 2017. Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

19th April 2017. Seminar Room, University of Aberdeen Library

SCURL Away Day and AGM. June 2017  tbc. University of Edinburgh, George Square..

SCURL Events 2016-2017.

25th November 2016. Metadata and Collaborative Collection Management.  Programme: SCURL251116Programme                 Venue: Parliament Hall, St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews.

8th February 2017. Digital to Digitisation. Programme: SCURLDigitisation080217Programme

Venue:Anderson Room, Heriot-Watt University Library, Riccarton.