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Scottish Visual Arts Group


The Scottish Visual Arts Group is affiliated to SCURL with membership drawn from SCURL member institutions.

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Date of next meeting: The next Scottish Visual Arts Group meeting will be held on 26th November 2013 in Robert Gordon University.

Minutes of 24th November 2010 SCURLSVAG241110Min

Minutes of 26th May 2010 SCURLSVAG260510Min

Minutes of 2nd December 2009  SCURLSVAG021209Min

Minutes of 4th June 2009 SCURLSVAG040609Min

Minutes of 27th November 2008 SCURLSVAG271108Min

Minutes of 5th June 2008 SCURLSVAG050608Min

Minutes of 29th November 2007 SCURLSVAG291107Min

Minutes of 27th June 2007 SCURLSVAG270607Min

Minutes of 7th January 2007 SCURLSVAG070107Min

The aims of SVAG are:

Providing Information to the Scottish Arts Community

Committed to the dissemination of art information and the exchange of ideas, the membership sees itself as a professional support and research group with a strong
practical emphasis.

The Group aims to
    maximise opportunities for co-operation in Scottish institutions
    promote collections and services
    act as a lobbying body
    heighten awareness of visual arts documentation
    link activities of local and UK wide initiatives

This wide remit allows the Group to respond to changing needs.
Interest is welcome from museums, galleries and other organisations as well as
individuals associated with archives, records or collections related to the visual arts.

SVAG Reporting Secretary
Paula Cuccurullo
University of Edinburgh
Causewayside House
160 Causewayside
Edinburgh EH9 1PR
T: 0131 651 1432
F: 0131 650 3308