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SCURL Library Services Platform Task Force

The Final meeting was convened on 19th April 2014 in Heriot-Watt University. The Final Report will bepresented to the SCURL Away Day and AGM on 5th June 2014.  The Chair is Mike Roch, Director of Information Services of Heriot Watt University.

Terms of Reference

Based on the paper which supported the discussion at the SCURL plenary on 23rd January 2013 and discussion at the first meeting of the Task Force on 6th June 2013..

1. The main tasks of the Library Services Platform Task Force are;

1.1.Establish the Timetable

a. In particular, crucial dates when transition from current systems have to be made and an identification of the most beneficial time(s) (eg competitive market readiness)

1.2.Identify Resources Required to the Group to undertake itsTask

a. In particular, what’s needed to take the planning forward and how we are going to get the resources

b. Identify and get any specialist skills required within the community

c. Define the roles of the SDLC, SCOPNet and APUC in supporting this activity

d.Identify external assistance required and secure funding to engage

e. Agree liaison/information sharing arrangements with similar projects in Wales and Bloomsbury(and possibly elsewhere such as in the US)

1.3. Complete Exploratory Work

a.Analyse the outputs from The Benefits of Sharing project

b. Progress the exploratory items that were identified at the project’s LMS day which have not been covered by the TBOS project or the other JISC projects (especially Bloomsbury and Wales) eg

* Working practices, including shared database models

*Institutional senior management “buy in”

1.4.Draft a Vision

a. Option appraisal of scope and models (including alternatives) including high level user input

b.Structured engagement with potential suppliers/partners

c. Community appetite for the different options, potential levels of commitment

c. Identification of partners (if any)

d. Preferred model or set of models

e. Outline roadmap(s) to achieve preferred model(s)

1.5.First Decision Point: SCURL & istitutional level decision to go to next stage (or not)

a. If  to proceed need to agree scope, timelines and identify vanguard of who wants to be involved sooner, and identify those who wish to be involved later

1.6. Complete Business Planning

a. Identify data required in order to inform a decision of whether to proceed with implementation, or not, and the decision-making process

b. Develop a business plan including level and sources of funding

c. Decelop a sustainability plan

d. Risk analysis and risk management

e. Governance

f. Advocacy: communications plan

1.7.Second Decision point: SCURL and institutional level decision to go to implementation (or not)

1.8.Obtain formal commitment by those proceeding

1.9. Task Force stands down and is replaced by an implementation group.

Membership List.

Full Members:

SCURL Officer as Chair: Mike Roch

One nominated representative from each of the SCURL Constituencies:

Edinburgh: Stuart Lewis

Glasgow: Mark Denham

National Library of Scotland: Darryl Mead and Alex de Pretto

Glasgow School of Art and others Constituency: Gillian Holmes

Aberdeen and others Constituency: Judith Smart

Edinburgh Napier and others Constituency: Chris Pinder

Abertay and others Constituency: Colin Sinclair

One Representative from the SCURL Systems Librarians’ CoP: Oladeji Famakinwa

One Representative from Scottish Digital Library Consortium: Colin Watt

One Representative from ROWAN: Anna Enos

SCURL Service Development Manager: Jill Evans


Observer Members

Observer Member from Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges: Allan Doyle

Observer Member from SCURL SCOPNet: Jeremy Upton

Observer Member from Higher Education Information Directors Scotland:

Observer Member from Scottish Colleges: Abi Mawhirt

Observer Member from the Open University: Richard Nurse

JISC Library Systems Programme Workshop 15th July 2013.

Presentations are available at:

Further Education Colleges Library Management Systems as at 2102. Information obtained from the Scottish Library and Information Council FE Survey 2012.


Summary Minutes presented to the FE College Librarians’ Development Network on 6th November 2013.


Presentation to SLIC FE Conference 28th November 2013. SCURLLSPTFppt2SLICFE2013

The Benefits of Sharing Final Report