SHEDL EBooks and Print Books

SHEDL is the procurement activity for the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL) and the SHEDL Books Groups comprises both print and e-book procurement initiatives. The consortium came into being in 1999 and continues to negotiate contracts for the supply of print books, e-books, and standing orders.

All Scottish university libraries together with the Glasgow School of Art, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, National Library of Scotland, National Museums Scotland, and some Scottish Further Education Colleges are members of the consortium.

SHEDL Print Books and Standing Orders.  The current contract for print books covers the supply of English language print books and standing orders to consortium libraries. For the purposes of the tender an English language book is defined as “Any domestic or foreign publication with content in the English language, whether a monograph, a standing order/continuation, or commercially available material in non-print format.”

A group of librarians from member institutions and the Advanced Procurement of Universities and Colleges, APUC, undertook the initial drawing up of specifications to issue an Invitation To Tender in July 2013. The contract, as a Ranked Framework Agreement, was awarded on 4th November 2013 to Dawson Books Ltd with Coutts Information Services Ltd placed second and Askews & Holts Library Services Ltd placed third. The Framework Agreement expired on 3rd November 2016 with an option to extend by an additional 12 months.  The contract has been extended to November 2017. Additionally, for Standing Order business Dawson Books Ltd is the recommended supplier.

SHEDL E-Books. The agreement for the supply of e-books was contracted to Coutts (MyiLibrary), Dawson (ERA), and EBL on 2nd November 2009 for a period of two years with the option to extend for two periods of one year.  Business is awarded to suppliers under a mini-competition framework, with the preferred supplier for each purchase selected on the basis of content availability and price.

In 2013 an Invitation To Tender was released and the 3 Lots were awarded in January 2014

Service standards are negotiated by the Steering Group with the supplier (based on their tender submissions) and systematic monitoring of supplier performance is undertaken by consortium members. Twice yearly review meetings are convened to which the suppliers are invited and performance statistics are discussed and ongoing challenges addressed and investigated.